Black Tambourine: Endearing Menace From The Archives "For Ex-Lovers Only," from a new self-titled anthology, could easily be Black Tambourine's sonic manifesto. Performer [Black Tambourine Were] – Archie Moore, Brian Nelson, Mike Schulman, Pam Berry Photography By [Film Stills On Back Cover] – Daniel Searing Jr. * On Kurt Heasley, and hearing Lilys for the first time: "There was this kid we knew as Wally who worked at a D.C. club called the BBQ Iguana. Pam's Tan This compilation has now been superseded by » Black Tambourine Black Tambourine were one of the earliest Slumberland groups, consisting of members of Whorl and Velocity Girl, plus their pal Pam Berry on vocals. ... Second of all, Black Tambourine is fronted by a woman, Pam Berry, which makes the song selection choice rather interesting. While Black Tambourine was born out of the D.C. ‘burbs of Silver Spring and College Park, its members haven’t been in a room together in nearly two decades. Highly recommended. Formed as a side project containing members of Velocity Girl and Whorl, and rounded out by frontwoman Pam Berry, Black Tambourine managed to -- … Black Tambourine are back, and lets hope they’ve got even more up their sleeves than just an EP! Formed in Washington, D.C. in 1989, Black Tambourine comprised vocalist Pam Berry, guitarists Archie Moore and Brian Nelson (also members of Velocity Girl) and drummer Mike Schulman (also of Whorl); though they only played a handful of live shows during their short lifetime, Black Tambourine issued two 7" singles that are seminal slices of US indie pop. The band still sound as tape saturated and mercilessly lo-fidelity as ever, and Pam Berry’s voice still has the power to make teenage boys weak at the knees. Black Tambourine comprised of Archie Moore and Brian Nelson (later of Velocity Girl) and the mysterious and wonderful Pam Berry (later of The Glo-Worms & The Castaway Stones). Black Tambourine gathers up all of the songs released by Black Tambourine, and handily trumps 1999's "Complete Recordings" reissue by including six previously unreleased tunes. Berry co … He was kind of … Pam Berry (Black Tambourine). Black Tambourine: OneTwoThreeFour EP Zachary Houle. It took a pretty special occasion to bring Black Tambourine out of retirement, even temporarily, and the 20th birthday of BT singer Pam Berry's Chickfactor magazine is definitely such an occasion. Withered Hand - Black Tambourine by Slumberland Records published on 2013-11-15T19:22:47Z "Black Tambourine" is the first single from Withered Hand's album "New Gods," and features guest appearances from Pam Berry (vocals) and Eugene Kelly (guitar). Pam Berry… The short-lived Dark Tambourine endure one of the truly seminal American indie pop bands from the 1980s, developing a dark, feedback-rich sound that predated the shoegazer motion from the decade to check out — an interval once the now-defunct group’s members all continued to savor sustained recognition inside the flourishing Amerindie scene. Sometimes above the clamor, but mostly within it, floated the lucid soprano of Pam Berry, who occasionally shook a blond tambourine.

These three created wonderful walls of distortion and melody within their songs.