Most commercially available pontoon boats tend to average between 18 and 25 miles per hour, although there are some very fast production boats on the market, plus some modified ones that have … A 50 HP outboard will push a small aluminum fishing boat a lot fast than it will a 20 ft fiberglass boat. Tubing with kids 8 – 10 years old – Depends dramatically on the kid, but most wouldn’t want to go faster than 15 or 20 mph (24 to 32 kilometers).

Tubing with older teens and adults – Above 25 mph (40 … If you’re willing to go the extra mile (per hour), you can get an 115hp engine and … I have a 50 HP 2 stroke that will push a 16 foot aluminum boat 35 MPH.

A 50 HP Johnson on a 20' Lowe Suncruiser goes 18 MPH max. That is at 5000 RPM, the trim at its maximum potential position and a whole lot of gas. As far as the boat itself goes, pretty much any boat below the 22’ mark can reach it with a 90hp engine and medium load. How fast does a 50hp Lowe Pontoon boat go?