Leonardo Da Vinci was a scientist. Engineers use science to solve practical or real-world problems, just as you did while practicing medicine. All engineers and medical doctors are scientists, but not all scientists are engineers or doctors.

Answer is affirmative.

The way the high strength concrete is designed, for example is a scientific process.
A scientist is a person who has scientific training or who works in the sciences. Believe me, the work which a civil engineer does is not less than a scientist. An engineer is someone who has studied the known facts and is applying them to make or build a product which is used or then sold, such as a …

An engineer is someone who is trained as an engineer. So, the practical difference lies in the educational degree and the description of the task being performed by the scientist or engineer. Civil engineer can certainly become a scientist. "Scientists research, engineers build. Leonardo Da Vinci was an engineer. Just because a specific scientist happens to be doing an engineering job at this moment doesn't alter the basic identity of the two professions. On a more philosophical level, scientists tend to explore the natural world and discover new knowledge about the universe and how … A scientist is someone who's paid for doing research, to discover new things, to explore new frontiers. An engineer's job is to take existing science and find ways of using that in real-world applications.