10828348, VAT No. The idea behind this is to give the driver enough distance to safely reach a service station to change their tyre. Asda Tyres is operated by Colewood Automotive under contract with Asda. All Season & Weather Tyres: All-season tyres, sometimes called all-weather tyres are specifically designed to provide consistent driving performance in a variety of different weather conditions by combining the characteristics of summer and winter tyres. Run-Flat Tyre Limitations.

View a Huge Range on Premium and Cheap RunFlat tyres for Car's and SUV's Tyres On Sale. Buy Run Flat tyres online at the most affordable prices in South Africa. A run flat tyre - or RFT, is a self-supporting tyre that is constructed differently to a radial tyre. Speed and distance limits: Although run-flat tyres allow you to continue onto to your destination with a puncture, you will be limited to a maximum speed of 80km/h for a maximum distance of 80km. We provide tyres according to the needs of different seasons, terrains, and vehicles. Enter your postcode to see a choice of local tyre fitting centres you can drive to or choose a mobile tyre fitter to come to you. Be it tyres for summers, winters, all-seasons, SUVs, passenger cars, or vans- we cater to all! Find a full range of car tyres from top brands such as Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop and Bridgestone. In the event of a puncture or air pressure loss these types of tyre remain operational, allowing you to drive safely to your local fitter for a full replacement. We also ensure that motorists who buy tyres online from us are provided with tyres equipped with the latest technologies like Run-flat. Shop run flat tyres online from all leading brands including Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, Continental & Pirelli. At ATS Euromaster we stock a wide range of run flat tyres at competitive prices from brands such as Pirelli, Continental & Bridgestone.

There are thousands of tyres to choose from including run flat, 4x4, all season and winter tyres. Run Flat Tyres: Run flat tyres are increasingly being used by manufacturers on their new vehicles in a bid to boost safety for motorists. Registered in England No. Big Brands Like Continental, Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone and Value Brands such as Pace, Falken and Wanli Tyres Are On Offer. Free Local Fitting Run flat tyres are specially manufactured tyres that feature strengthened sidewalls. Run Flat Tyres It’s true that changing a flat tyre is an important life skill to have, but the idea of a ‘run flat’ tyre sounds pretty handy too! Registered Office Colewood House, Building 1, Kingfisher Court, Bowesfield, Stockton on Tees, North Yorkshire, TS18 3EX 273208316.

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